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Wholesale Telephony System (WTS)


Phonate Telecom also provides business solutions to customers who do not want to invest in technology or set up technical systems. We offer them Wholesale Telephony Systems (WTS), which enables customers to manage their own business without the hassle of either of technology investments or legalities associated with carrier contracts. Wholesale Telephony Service enables customers to:

  • Control their own margins
  • Develop customers database
  • Manage their own resellers
  • Build own products brand
  • Registers new customer quickly
  • We have investigated in technology and application development to ensure that these wholesale telephony service are available to our partners in order to rapidly launch and manage their own promotional cards, residential service, wholesale or direct services.


    We not only provide the service also provide the associated support at any time. Our support teams are available all the time who will be more than happy to serve our customers at any time.


    If you are interested about wholesale telephony services or would like to know more about this service please email us at info@phonate.co.uk or call us on +44 (0) 330 707 0707.


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