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Call back is a great and useful feature available as part of the Phonate account service. It is a very cost effective way to use your Phonate account from abroad to call any international destination. While travelling abroad on holiday or business you can use the Call Back service to make outbound calls to any destination. It's very easy to use and avoids having to pay expensive local call charges.

Example: Mr. Rob would like to make a call to the USA while he is travelling in India. If he calls from a local SIM then he has to pay expensive local call charges (approx. 10p per minute). On the other hand if Mr. Rob uses the Phonate Call Back service then he will only be charged 2.2p per minute, which will be deducted from his Phonate account.

1. Before travelling abroad please contact our customer service and request for a call back number.

2. When you are abroad and wish to make call, simply dial the call back number and hang up after one or two rings (there is no charge for this part of the call).

3. Our system will call you back announcing your account balance. You can then dial your destination number as the way you normally do and you will be connected.


Call cost: For example, you wish to make call from India to USA, in this case your cost will be 1.20 (India) + 1 (USA) = 2.20 pence per minute only, by adding up India and USA rates together.


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