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Phonate Roaming Service


1. Open a roaming account by calling customer services on 0330 707 4004

2. Top up your account by Credit/Debit card or use a Payzone Terminal

3. Customer Service will inform you how to set-up your mobile prior to going abroad

4. Once you are abroad, obtain a local Pay as you go SIM and then update your Phonate Roaming Account with this new number

5. Now you are fully set up to receive your UK calls


Second Line

If you’re running a business and have only one landline connection then some of your customers may be getting annoyed at listening to a busy tone! We can offer additional phone lines at a fraction of the cost and, for a limited period, we are offering customers a FREE 2nd line for 3 months if you purchase one of our numbers.

The additional line works through your Internet broadband connection. You have the option to make or receive calls on your PC or an IP handset.

1. 2 is better than 1! Offering two numbers to customers enhances your reputation
2. Increased capacity to handle simultaneous customer calls
3. Flexibility to make or receive calls anywhere with Internet access. Ideal for working from home!
4. Take same number with you if you change offices
5. You can monitor response from your advertising & marketing
6. Personalised greetings (welcome message)
7. Receive customer voice message to your email

Cost (all amounts are VAT exclusive):

One-off Connection Fee Incoming Call Charge Monthly Service Fee Annual Renewal Fee Inclusive minutes/month
FREE FREE* FREE for first 3 months, then £4.99 FREE N / A

*Only for 0800 number there will be an incoming call charge (£3.5p/min) applied.



“I have been using the phonate roaming service for some time now and as a frequent traveller it has saved me hundreds of pounds and enabled my crucial business clients to contact me without any adverse costs to themselves”

-- Sami Sanaullah, Managing Director, Travel Link Worldwide Ltd.


 “My clients need to contact me at all times even when I am travelling abroad. Phonate roaming allows me to receive these calls without me having to pay the excruciating amount £1.50 per minute through my mobile roaming charges”

-- Sayeed Ahmed, CEO, Smart i Technologies Ltd.


Please take a look at our Phonate Roaming TV advert


Phonate Roaming